Lifehacks for Stingy People

1.Never ever shove in less than 10 ketchup and mayo sachets in your pockets whenever you enter a restaurant.

2. Never ever take less than 20 tissue papers when you enter a washroom/restaurant.

3. Always take your handicapped friend with you to a club. Not only will it get you an instant entry into the club but it will also help you score with the ladies as you will come across as the NICE GUY WHO TOOK HIS HANDICAPPED FRIEND TO THE CLUB TO MAKE HIM FEEL GOOD.

P.S. I have not bought ketchup,mayo and tissue paper/paper towels/toilet paper for 9 years, i am pretty sure i have saved 4 grand till now.

And ya i know you may be thinking that i am an asshole but the guy i go to the club with is my best friend since childhood and it was only recently when we were drunk that he told that he was the reason why i always get laid when we hit the club.

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