5 Hacks to boost your life

The only way to convince and inspire people is by how much confident you are, not what you are saying. you can furtherance your confidence by setting small goals and achieving them. that will make you feel that you are a productive person and you can do more.
most of the successful people have a ritual morning in which they make an environment for themselves to have to best energy to start the day. one of the mandatory elements in a ritual morning is to wake up early, practice sport or Yoga, and take a shower and have a good meal.
One of the pillars of universe and life itself is time.Therefore, giving it the right value is a must.though we live in an average of 70 years which seems kind of long. After you remove all the time to do the necessary things. you will have from 15 to 20 years in which you can do what you want. Choose wisely what to do in this period because it all what you have
growth hacking is a great system to apply to get your shit done. It is similar to deep-work. you only need to create a quiet environment to work in. and start the work that you have for 90 min and take a 20 min break. The latest research emphasis that working in a 90 min without interruption with a 20 min break is the best way to perform better.
Never lose a friend. Always be good with everyone. Your network is what define you. If you want to be successful, you need to be with successful people. Also, Network is a good thing for investing. especially with projects. so be careful with whom you are hanging out.


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