Fitness Lifehacks: New Inexpensive & Easy Lifehacks

It seems like there’s always an excuse not to exercise. It is boring, you do not have the time, you can not afford a gym membership—the list goes on and on. But we believe working out should be fun, easy and inexpensive. And that is where these innovative fitness lifehacks come in. These lifehacks will help you cut the excuses, so you can finally make fitness a regular part of your daily routine.

1. Mix up your playlists:

Anyone who has been able to stick to a workout routine over time knows that a killer playlist is a key to long-term success. When you start feeling bored with your workouts and dreading the gym, mix it up with an exciting audio book or podcast. The options are endless. You can choose to listen to your favorite book series, an immersive podcast like Serial, or even a comedy show. Just make a rule that you can listen to your target choice only while exercising. Chances are you will be hitting the gym, even if you do not have the motivation to do so, just to continue listening to your series, audio book, or podcast.

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2. Take your abs workout to the next level:

Make the classic, waist-whittling plank exercise more effective with towels. Take two towels and place them under your hands or feet, then slide forward, backward, and sideways. For instance, put a towel under each hand while in the plank position. Slide your right hand forward ( you will feel the stretch in your abs), then back to the starting position. Do this ten times on each side, then rest. And the same goes for your feet. You will see a better burn and quicker results with this lifehack.

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3. Monitor your daily steps:

As any personal trainer will tell you, small and everyday changes to your lifestyle add up over time, which is why you should strive to make every day as active as possible. If you have not done that already, invest in a fitness tracker or pedometer and aim to hit at least 10.000 steps each day. This small goal will automatically encourage you to prioritize healthy behaviors. You might start walking to work, walking during your lunch break, or even dinner after each night. Moral of the story, this lifehack will encourage you to drive a healthier lifestyle.

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4. Use a virtual personal trainer:

If you do not have cash for a personal fitness trainer, do not worry. There is always a lifehack around it. There are many personal fitness mobile apps than now act like personal trainers providing personalized coaching and feedback as you work out. Most of them even provide detailed workout and nutrition plans to help you accomplish your biggest fitness goals, whether it is running 10 KMs or losing 10 pounds. Best part? They are either free or a few bucks on the app stores.

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5. Do Double-Duty:

With minimal time, you have to make the most out of every minute in the gym. Combine cardio and strength training for a tough workout that you can feel good about. For instance, you can start by holding dumbbells on your cardio machine of choice doing biceps curls or shoulder presses for one minute for every five or three minutes. This way, you can easily cross off cardio and an arm workout all in one go. Use this lifehack whenever you are doing cardio because it helps you improve your resistance and muscle strength.

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