How to Brand Yourself

Branding is The process involved in creating a unique name and image for an entity in the audience’s mind, mainly through different sorts of campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains a loyal audience.

As branding is pretty crucial in everyone’s life, everyone works differently on this specific aspect of life. Some work hard in order to establish a reputation that they are hard-workers and that they are independent, some are more aware of the the tricks and shortcuts, and everyone is after the same goal; establishing a successful brand. Today, we have compiled a list that contains a step-by-step plan to get there.

1. Articulate your goals:

If you want to well brand yourself, you have to know exactly what your aspirations are. Knowing your goals and objectives in this life is importantly crucial when it comes to branding. Many people live their lives randomly. However, only successful people have a well-defined goal. Take Steve Jobs for example; in the beginning, his vision was hazy and not that clear. But afterwards, he polished his visions and aspirations perfectly well. Well-branded people articulate their aspirations in a precise manner as well.

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2. Do your homework:

Every field of expert in this world has some pioneers. And if your goal is to brand yourself, you have to know exactly what made those people considered as pioneers. After all, they are their for a reason. It comes as no surprise that those pioneers are well-branded as well. They might not know everything related to their field, but they are well-respected, and they know how to brand themselves. Not only should you know the way of the pioneers, but you are also supposed to know about your competitors. They might know a lifehack or a trick or two that might be helpful for you. Start networking before you actually need it.

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3. Define the attributes:

Every pioneer has a set of attributes or behaviors related to their brands. If you want to brand yourself differently as well, you have to think different. You do not have to be a weirdo and go extreme, but you are supposed to do things that can distinguish you from your competitors and make you stand out among your peers. Try to manifest those attributes through some artifacts so that people know what you aspire.

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4. Keep consistent assessment:

Every successful and well branded person knows their position is their field. You have to keep an eye on your audience and how they would arrange you. Knowing what you want and where you want to be can be very helpful in the process, because you can concretely see your progress. Consider where you are now as a starting point and where you want to be as your destination or finishing line, and go along the line.

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5. Have a game plan handy:

Actions speak louder than words. You are supposed to have a game-plan so that the process of getting “there” can be much easier and approached. If you are not doing it strategically, you might as well lose time and effort in some other stuff that is not good for your branding. As someone who aspires to brand himself, you are suppose to have a product; it might be tangible or intangible. Most important thing, your audience needs something and this is where you are supposed to brand yourself. Make a game-plan to fill this gap and you are good to go.
Tip: Consider using social media to articulate the characteristics and impressions you want to have in your brand.

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6. Reinforce your brand:

Once your brand is already out there, you have to sustain it and keep an eye on it. Try to maintain a set of characteristics and specific attributes so that you leave the same impression on your audience. This reinforcement does not have to be always while you are present somewhere in person, but it is actually the image that you aspire to reflect when you are not there.

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