Weird Websites to Overcome Boredom

Nowadays, there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet. According to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web (the internet), the number of websites on the internet reached as much as 1,085,628,900 websites in 2016. This number is growing more and more every single second.

In March 1989, Tim an official proposal to his boss to initiate the idea of the internet. His boss believed Tim’s idea to be “vague but exciting”. His proposal is way complicated for the layman to understand, but you can always take a look at it. When Tim proposed this idea, he did not know that people will be making some of the weirdest websites. Today, we have compiled a list of top ten weird websites that can help you overcome boredom and put a smile on your face. Beware that some of these websites are good for nothing. However, they are all good lifehacks to have fun.

1. Pop Balloons:

This website is called In this game, you are a monkey and you get to pop the balloons. It gets harder and harder every time you pass a level. The trick of this game is that you have to hold the pointer and give it an accurate direction so that the arrow can go through the balloons. There is something oddly satisfying about the pop sounds that makes you want to go to the next level.

2. Optical Illusions:

If you are a big fan of optical illusions, then can be very great in this case. This website provides you with a wide range of optical illusions alongside with detailed explanations of the illusions you are looking at. This can be a good website if you want to pass time looking at your monitor. Some of their explanations are way highbrow. Try it out to understand vision sciences a bit better.

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3. Do Good:

This website is actually about casual acts of kindness. It is called and it provides you with some random acts of kindness that you can do to feel better. It also provides you wide a range of other stuff, such as inspirational videos and kindness quotes. Use this lifehack website to do good and feel good. Some of these acts might be very weird, like shoveling the sidewalk for a neighbor or even cleaning graffiti from neighborhood and buildings.

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4. Magic:

This website is a bit stupid. It is called, and it tricks you to choose a card out of five other cards. Whatever card you choose will disappear from the list. Try this lifehack out with your friends who do not pay enough attention. To make it look a bit legit, they ask you to whisper the name of the card you have chosen. It is a pretty amateur card trick to try anyways.

5. Movies:

If you are a big fan of movies, you will surely like this website. is, as the name suggests, about guessing movies. You will have to take a quiz and guess the name of 30 movies. Afterward, your movie knowledge will be rated based on the number of correct answers you have gotten.

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6. Colors:

Remember when we said in the introduction that some of these websites are good for nothing. is actually one of them. The idea of the website is about comparing people’s choices of colors. Basically, you get to choose one of two colors and once you click on your chosen color, the website will give you the percentage of people who already chose the same color and the other color as well. It is a stupid way to lose time.

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7. Big Head:

This website is for large headed people.This website is called Big Head Caps It is actually an online store that helps people with big heads get stylish caps. This is how they describe their service “We cater to people who are cranially endowed, i.e. those with larger noggins”. Well, there must be a store for people with big heads. Check it out if you have a big head and need a cap.

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8. Find the Difference:

This website is actually fun as it allows you to develop your focus abilities and scrutiny skills. It is called Tiny Difference, and as the name implies, you have to find the tiny differences in each photo. This is a great lifehack to pass time and do something useful when bored. The good part is that after you are done guessing and counting the differences, Tiny Differences gives you the answer away.

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9. Fads:

A fad is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze. This website will give you a glimpse on the fads throughout the century. It is called Crazy Fads. You can go back to when your parents were kids and find out what was popular back then. You will be surprised by a number of fads that you lived to see when you check out Crazy Fads.

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10. More Illusions:

Similar to #2, this website provides you with more sophisticated and tripping illusions. It is called Optical Illusions and it is exactly what this website is about. In this website, you can find more than 100 optical illusions to browse through involving patterns, colors, and shapes. Another lifehack to better your eyes abilities.

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