DIY: Make Something out of Nothing

DIY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that means “Do It Yourself”. Do it yourself is the method of building, modifying or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals, which means that everybody can actually do them. DIYs are the best exemplification of lifehacks as they allow you to make something useful out of unuseful stuff.

There are many subcategories that are listed under DIY; just to name a few, home imporvment, self-development, decoration, and fashion are some of these subcategories. Today, we have compiled a listed of DIYs that will make your life easier.

1. City Skyline:

You have probably seen a picture of a city skyline before, probably New York or San Francisco, but it did not get much of your attention. Instead of having tangled cables here and there, you can organize your cables or wires and make your room look artsier. It does not take much time or effort, and all you will need are some pins and a free wall and you are good to go. Try to start small in the beginning and then expand it as bigger as you can.

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2. DIY planter:

Nothing feels better than an organized and room. It feels so good to make something from scratch. You can make your office or desk look better with a couple of DIY planters. Use any object that can hold some soil and decorate it a little bit and you are set. Make sure to make some holes in the bottom of the container so that when you water the plant, the water does not stick at the bottom.

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3. Battery:

Many times, you can come across some situations when you are out of batteries and you do not have a substitute. You can use this lifehack to make sure that your electronic object function as well as it does with the needed amount of batteries. However, keep in mind that this lifehack does not function with everything. You might try it and nothing happens. This is just because the amount of electronic energy that one or two batteries provide is not actually enough and more power is needed. Moral of the story, it functions most, not all, of the time. The picture makes it clear what you can do.

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4. Wood into an image:

One of the coolest DIY lifehacks out there is this one. You can very easily turn a piece of wood into an artistic image. In other words, you can literally transfer an image into a piece of wood and make it look like as if it was printed directly onto the wood. To make it better, start by painting the edges of the wood. Then, put the picture you want to be printed on the wood. Make sure it is a copy of the original image, not the original image itself. Afterward, apply a good amount of glue on the picture (frontside) and put it in the center of the wood piece. Press the image firmly and rub it well to remove any bubbles and let it dry completely. After, use a damp sponge to remove the fuzzies that are left behind. Once you are satisfied with the results, hang it wherever you want.

5. StringArt:

Similar to the skyline city technique, this DIY is pretty easier to make. You will need a piece of wood, pins, and some string. Start with having a clear idea about the image you want to make. It can be anything, a building, face, symbol, or even an abstract piece; you get the idea. Then, knock the pins on the piece of wood. And finally, starting connecting the dots once at a time. Now you have a customized piece of art.

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