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Lifehacks play usually on functional unfixedness. It is the act of using objects for purposes that these objects are not initially designed for. Today, you will get to know about some objects that are more or less weird (they can also serve a lot of great lifehacks). Some of them are strikingly odd and unusual, but all of them can serve you a good deal.

1. Pocket Shower:

The name says it all. This invention gives you the chance to save some water in it, so that you can use this storage to get a shower when you feel like it.

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This lifehack Pocket Shower is one of the genius summer lifehacks. It can also be used as a regular dry bag to carry clothes or a sleeping bag.

2. Binders:

You know that your fridge capacity is big. However, sometimes it seems that your stuff does not fit in it. You can save some space by using binders to store your bottles in a more organized manner. This way, you will not have a lot of space lost in your fridge. This can prove to be a very useful lifehack, especially during summer.

3. Pen Hole:

Have you ever wondered about the use of that little hole on top of a pen lid? That hole is designed to avoid asphyxiation from pen caps in case they are swallowed. The lid will not choke you. This lifehack is pretty useful, especially for children. Next time you are biting one, think twice about it.

4. Sleeping Bag Onesie:

Travelling is real fun, and having some extra lifehacks under your sleeve is just awesome. This lifehack is useful for everyone, especially people who travel a lot and use sleeping bags regularly. You do not need to have a onesie and a sleeping bag at the same time; this can be used as both.

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This lifehack provides you comfort, mobility, and warmth for camping, backpacking, and indoor use as well.

5. The Scooter Camper:

When people talk about travelling, usually what comes to mind concerning vehicles are planes, trains, cars, or even bikes. However, having a scooter a camping vehicle is just an incredible lifehack. It is a scooter and a camper at the same time; you can cook, sit, sleep, and travel with this creative invention.

6. Reusable Candle:

Again, another good lifehack for travelers. This gadget allows you to use your candles again and again. What it does is that it gathers the burned wax from the candle that you use to make another one. All you have to do is to take it and light it back again. It also function as a candle holder at the same time. If you need any pieces of information about this lifehack, you can find it here.

7. Privacy Shell:

This is one of the weirdest Japanese inventions s far. This invention allows you to have some time off and be all by yourself. Whenever you feel the need of being alone, or you have something private you want to do, just pull the lid and you have a privacy bubble. The accordion-style head covering offers a slice of (somewhat crazy-looking) privacy while out in public.

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