Language: Lifehacks to Improve Your Language Learning

A lot of people believe that either they were born with some given feats that allow them to learn languages, or not at all. However, this is just a misconception. While it is true that some people are born with more linguistic abilities than the others, it is also true that you can all learn whatever language you want. Through these easy lifehacks, you will have a better understanding of languages and how to pick them up faster.

1. Plan out:

If you are traveling somewhere, you will definitely have to plan out your journey. It is the same with languages. First, you have to have a clear idea about where you are. Then, visualize where you want to be as a final destination. Afterward, plan your hows (the lifehacks listed here are some of them). After that, setting future results, expectations, and hows, make sure you set some fixed deadlines for every phase. For instance, if you are learning German, you might ant to start with pronunciation. In this case, set a deadline and stick to it.

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2. Be curious:

Language is not easy to acquire. However, you will realize that the learning process gets much easier when you ask more questions and look up for more and more all the time. In language learning process, immersing yourself and being always occupied with that given language plays a very vital role.

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3. Go basic-mode first:

After you set a plan and immerse yourself, the next step is mastering the basics fully. There are many lifehacks that can be used in this phase, one of which is using flip-cards. Write the very basics of your target language on those flip-cards and use them for, I suggest, a whole week. Your subconscious will simply get used to them and those basics will be instilled in your memory.

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4. Interact with natives:

With the growth and explosion of social media these days, it is pretty easy to get in touch with natives. Use this lifehack to become more aware of the cultural aspect of your target language. The more you know about the cultural aspect of a language, the more sense its rules and logic make to and resonate for you. Start with joining groups and forums of the things that interest you the most, and then join conversations and ask relevant questions. You will be surprised by the amount of reactivity you will get from those natives.

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5. Compare wisely:

A very famous theory that reigns in the field of linguistics is transformational linguistics. This theory says that all languages share a common ground. Play on this common ground and keep on comparing the similarities between your target and native language. Of course, you will find a lot of uncommon aspects, but the most important thing is to pick those similarities work on them first.

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6. Practice and be persistent:

How many times have you tried learning a new language, but you gave up? Probably several times. One key lifehack to avoid this mistake is to practice on a regular basis, better on a daily routine, and make learning your target language a goal in itself. You are learning something new; acquiring a new skill is never easy. You have to be realistic and persistent. The results might not come out soon, but the more you practice and make conversations in that language, the clearer ad better your understanding and linguistic abilities get.

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