Fitness: Lifehacks For Bigger Arms

Your body is the only place where you live, protect it and take more care of it. People use different ways to take care of their bodies. Some of them swim, some other people jog or walk, and some of them work out. Lifehacks are not only meant for crafty stuff; as a sports fan, you can as well find some lifehacks concerning fitness, good health, and well-being.

Some people find it difficult to get big arms, even if the work day in and day out to make their arms grow bigger. Here, we have compiled some lifehacks to help you have bigger arms:

1. Restrict blood flow:

Once you restrict the blood flow for a muscle, you get an incredible pump. The more blood pooled to your muscle, the bigger your arms get. It might be a bit hard and you might as well feel tired after every workout, but the results are unbelievable. By “choking” the muscle, you actually trick your arm muscle to employ large twitch muscle fibers, which by turn makes your arms bigger. Moral of the story, try this muscle hack and you will start seeing great results in no time.

Workout: Use knee wraps on your arms and tighten them pretty well. It does not have to be painful, but make sure the wraps are tight.

2. Rotate the wrist:

Everyone has heard of dumbbell curls before. However, a little tiny hand rotation can take your arms to the next level. It might sound not so effective, but this small move changes a lot. The proper way to use this hack is to rotate your hand internally and externally during the curl. Rotation will ensure that your arms are getting stretched and worked out.

Workout: Start with both hands facing the outer side of your thighs and the dumbbells in your hands. First, raise the dumbbell and rotate it slowly so it faces the ceiling. Make sure the dumbbells are positioned horizontally at the end of the rep. Then, go back to the initial position. Do the same thing with both arms.

3. Up your volume:

Volume and growth are correlated. If you have been working out your arms for, let us say, once a week and you can not see any additional results, this means that you need to up your volume a little bit. If you really want to get bigger arms, instead of working them out once a week, try to make it twice. This means that you will have to put some extra effort in order to see some extra results.

Workout: To hack your arms, try this out. Before you start working out your arms twice or three times a week, start by adding some extra arm reps when you are working your other muscles out. After a while, you will automatically feel the need to set another day for your arm muscles.

4. Barbell-curl it back:

You usually just lift the barbell curl and start working out. However, there is a small detail that most of you do not take into consideration. Just put your shoulders back and you are good to go. Keeping your shoulders back (in all your arm workouts) helps isolate the biceps and prevents the delts, and chest from assisting your arms.

5. Super-set for once:

One of the lifehacks that can help your arms get bigger in a short period of time is having a super-set once a week. This does not mean that you will have to spend the whole day in the gym working out your arms, it just means that you will be concentrating more blood flow in a short period of time.

Tip: Instead of working out your triceps and biceps separately, try to hack them both by fatiguing them once a week. Work them both out to the extent of failure. You will make sure that all the fibers and muscles are reached, and also the blood flow circulate ceaselessly.

Here you can find a video explaining another workout routine.


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