DIY: Untapped Effective Lifehacks

Lifehacks are made to help you live your life with ease. The more lifehacks you know, the more sophisticated you become. It is not just a matter of reading posts and looking on the internet for some lifehacks here and there; it takes practice and consistency to master some of these lifehacks. if you are a lifehacker, you might have come across a couple of them and might as well be using them on a daily basis, but there are some lifehacks that are not as famous. Here, we have compiled some of these untapped lifehacks:

1. Brush neatly:

Make sure you have a rubber band handy when you want to use your paintbrush. It saves you a lot of cleaning, helps you avoid a lot of mess, and makes your brushing more effective.

2. Secure the latches:

If you do not have a key of your room and want to go out, you can use a rubber band to prevent the door from latching. By securing a rubber band around both knobs, the latch will be pressed in, and the door will remain always open.

3. Use a watch instead:

The time that you spend on your phone after trying to check the time is unbelievably incredible. Usually, you find unread messages and emails, Facebook notifications, and missed calls. All this because you want to check the time. To avoid this, buy a watch and save your time.

4. incubate your ideas:

If your friends come to you every now and then and tell you that they have this unbelievable idea, and they are planning to start soon, you will probably not believe them. Because they have been telling you this a lot, you tend to build conclusions. The same applies for you. If you have an unbelievable idea, keep it for yourself for a couple of days, think it through, and start working on it before telling anybody.

5. Hold your GPS:

In case you do not have a GPS holder in your car, just use two rubber bands to hold your phone. Better attach it to the rear view mirror, because this way you can make sure that you keep an eye on the mirror and the GPS as well.

6. Order more food for less:

Before ordering food online, especially pizza, make sure to look for coupons or promo codes. 9 out of 10 times, you will get a reduction of at least 25 percent. Sometimes you can even get two orders for the price of one.

7. The lazy Wikipedia:

Some days, you just too lazy to read, or have tons of things to attend to. You might as well have a homework due and you cannot manage to miss the deadline. In this case, just go to Wikipedia and switch the language to simple English. You will get an easier and shorter version of the original article.

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