Creativity: The Four Phases

Life hacks are those creative tricks, skills, shortcuts, or even methods that you use in order to boost your productivity, efficiency and creativity levels in every walk of life. You usually hear “creative” people say something like “You better think outside of the box”. However, why do we even have to have a box?

Everyone is creative in their own way. Your way might be orthodox, or unorthodox; it does not really matter as long as you keep on trying. Creativity can be defined in so many way, such as:

1. The usage of imagination and thinking abilities.

2. The tendency to find and realize solutions, alternatives and ideas.

3. Innovation and novelty.

4. Making new objects, and coming up with an untapped method.

All these definitions are great. However, there are some people who believe that they are not creative. As mentioned before, everyone is creative in their own way. Here, you can find some phases you can follow in order to boast your creativity style and level:

1. Preparation phase:

First, you should have a clear idea about the field in which you want to develop your creativity style and level. Gather enough information an experiences, read books, and interact with experts in that given field. The more information you have, the easier knowledge can be hacked, the more creative you become. Albert Einstein once said: ” Fantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited”. When you have enough knowledge about something, creativity takes place automatically.

2. Incubation phase:

It is also called the constructional phase. In this stage, your mind tries to find new ideas and solutions. This does not necessarily mean that this process takes place in a passive way, you can also hack your subconscious and do it actively. It is true that your mind always thinks and rethinks of hacks and solutions to help you better your performance. However, you can make it an objective to help your mind come up with creative ideas and solutions.

3. Illumination phase:

When you think and rethink about something so much, a lot of incidents and events happen in your life that can be strikingly enlightening. This phase is also called ” the AHA-phase”. Here, you recognize that you have finally found what you were looking for; you just feel that given idea clicked. This is called the gut feeling.

4. Verification phase:

When you reach this stage, you will have to assess the use of your findings. it depends on each person whether this assessment is positive or negative. Sometimes, you can have some wonderful ideas, but these ideas do not go hand in hand with your plans and perspective. In this case, it all depends on their usability.

5_ The product:

If you have followed all these phases successfully, it means that now you have a creative product. However, the success and the demonstration of this final product remains always dependent on your execution.
The four phases you have just discovered are similar to a start-up theory. It is called BuildTestCheck. You build something, then you test it, and then you check if it suits your endeavors or not.If it works, you keep it and build on it. If it does not, then you build on the tiny successful aspects of it. Most important thing, keep yourself busy creating something new.

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