Self-Development: On Becoming Limitless

As human beings, we have the power to “put limits” for ourselves. However, those limits are usually, if not always, misunderstood. Successful people know exactly what kind of limits to put, and also know how to hack them. Basically, there are two types of limits; negative or positive. The problem with limits is that we do not know how to perceive them. And in every aspect of life, knowing these limits can prove to be very impacting and useful for success. Consequently, we have compiled in this article some practical ways to “exceed” your limits:

1. Realize:

Once you realize your limits as, let’s say, athlete, you will have a clearer idea about the amount of work you should put in in order to go a step further. The first step that should be taken is putting maximum amount of dedication in your field. After all, you can not realize your so-called limits if you do not challenge yourself.

2. Plan out:

Now you know your limits, how can you exceed them? The best solution is to put everything on paper, because this way you will have a better and tangible perspective of the things that need development. The most important thing is that you make sure to sustain your development.

3. Plan again:

Now you know your “limits” and the rooms of development, put an actionable plan to tackle each and every limit you have separately. Planning everything out all over again is also very helpful to know your thinking skills and how you perceive yourself as an individual.

4. Create scenarios:

By creating future scenarios, whether positive or negative, the bigger image gets also clearer. You can become more proactive and immune to any future shocks. By being proactive, you will make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen to you.

5. Execute:

The reason behind this whole process is to get more things done in an organized manner. Provided that you have done all the-already-mentioned procedures, they will account to nothing if you do not execute. Execution is the core of becoming and thinking limitless. The moment you execute, you get a feeling of fulfillment.

6. Develop:

This is mainly related to the last action (execution). Development is the process or act of growing. Development is progress. Finally, you have to develop in order to start existing, experience and possess.

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