Money: Save More Efficiently

Having some extra cash is always a good thing. However, if you are not a good saver, you might find yourself struggling by the end of every month, and living from paycheck to paycheck. In the following, you will find some tips and trick so you can save some extra and be financially comfortable:

1. Auto-pilot your money:

It is actually better if you have an automatic saving system. You will not be obliged to think about saving money, you will do it automatically. To do so, you have to contact your bank consultant. Take a certain amount of money that you can do without and transfer that amount to your savings account. This is part of being a minimalist.

2. Implement the no-raise system:

As time goes by, if you are an employee, you expect to get a raise. However, it also means that you can manage without that raise, and hack your monthly income. Once you get a raise, pretend as if you have never gotten it, and save that money. After just one or two years maximum, you will have a very good back-up money.

3. Kick off an emergency fund:

It is always better to take action beforehand. Set an emergency fund and try to boost the money you put on it every time. Make sure to have a deadline with a targeted amount of money so you can work towards a goal. If you employ this technique, when a crisis strikes, you will not be obliged to draw money from your credit card and fall on dept.

4. Maintain constantly:

A maintained place does not need to be replaced at all. People usually tend to leave things get disorganized and cluttered. By turn, they lose valuable objects in that clutter. That is why it is wise to keep being organized; you do not lose any important object.

5. Be a minimalist:

Being a minimalist means giving up your expensive habits. Imagine saving 3$ to 5$ daily just because you decided to leave cigarettes. Not only has it financial advantages, but also physical benefits. Earl Nightingale said “human beings are creatures of habits”, and the more expensive habits you have, the less money you will save.

6. Be generous:

Saving money for the sake of saving money is pretty meaningless. Some people might see it as securing themselves, and this can actually be true. However, when it becomes an obsession, you must stop and think about it for a second, and then set a goal or a limit to reach. When you reach that goal, you can use the extra money you have to treat yourself with something you have always wanted to get.


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