Stress Relief: How to Become Relaxed

If life were rhythmic and monotonous, it would be boring and not worth living. Those ups and downs are very important and useful to develop your personality and make life enjoyable. In life, we come across a lot of stressful situations, and if you have not noticed, the more stressed you feel, the worse the situation becomes. Here, we have compiled 6 ways to relieve stress:

1_ Listen to music:

Cortisol and blood pressure can be reduced and lowered by listening to calm music. next time when you feel stressed, take a 5-minutes break, go to an empty room or anywhere you can be alone, and listen to some calm and chill music. In case you were not a big fan of music, you can always try ocean and nature sounds; they have quasi the same psychological effect.

2_ Talk to yourself:

As crazy as it sounds ( and looks), talking to yourself does really help you relieve some stress. When talking to yourself, try to be more assertive, talk it all out: why you are stressed, what you can do to overcome or achieve the thing you are stressed out about, and assure yourself that you are great and going to do great.

3_ Write:

Writing can be a great way to become more relax and chill. Try to write whatever comes to your mind, do not restrict yourself, write about things that bother you. Leave what you wrote aside and come read it after the “stress” is gone. You will be surprised about the amount of unclarity and negativity you had in your mind before.

4_ Exercise for a minute:

Yes, exercise for a minute in your office if you have to. Research shows that exercising can lower the blood pressure and helps it flow smoother. And, exercising helps your brain release the feel-good chemicals.

5_ Hack your imagination:

The mind is very powerful. Its power is beyond any limit you can set. It also can be used to let of some steam. To release stress, imagine yourself in a situation you love and you feel relaxed and happy. Try to believe and absorb the good vibes you get from this thought and chill.

6_ Chill:

Personally, whenever I am VERY STRESSED, I just chill. If you are sure that you cannot control yourself, your emotions, feelings, and actions, just leave everything behind you and go for a walk. This way, you will make sure that you will not REACT. Things do not look as clear as they do when ou are not stressed. If you chill and let it be, you will make sure that your action will be well thought of, and you will not come across any problems in the future.


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